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These are some pictures of products and projects taken
around the docks and shops.





5 A beard for "Little Boss"


7 A closer view of the beard for "Little Boss", above

8 Tug "Restless" above, at the dock

9 Tug "Restless" underway

10 Peter Youngblood is the pround builder of this little tug, sporting one of my bow fenders.

11 And here's the lil' beauty in the water.

12 "Meteor" on her trailer, with new bow and stern fenders.

13 Close up of Meteor"s" stern fender.

14 A new fender for Mr. Gifford's tug.

15 Another one for a Lord Nelson tug.

16 And yet another for the "Mary H."

17 Here's the "Mary H." looking pretty with her bow fender.

18 A white bow fender on a lovely 8 1/2 foot Herreshoff dinghy.

19 Manila side fenders 5" x 24" for a
small harbor steam launch.

20 White rope dolphins.

21 A manila pudding 6" thick x 4' long, seen above and below


23 A 4" x 12" manila fender with a canvas sleeve.

24 Chloe can fit all of her stuff into the 5" gear hammock!

25 A bow fender on the bow of a Lord Nelson tug.

26 He's wearing an ornate lanyard for a Bosn's whistle.

27 White rope side fenders on a snazzy speedboat.

28 A tri-sided bow fender.

29 A white bow pad, 30" long x 14" thick.

30 A decorative project for an interior.

31 A graceful pudding for "Lone Star"

32 Abrie Ciller's yard boat with "dolphin" style fenders.

33 Abrie's boat with collision mat up front

34 For Coast Guard #36500

35 For a Florida vessel, an 80" x 60" manila pudding with whiskers and Turk's Head knot

36 Four manila "dolphins" , 5' x 14" to be hung horizontally.

37 Two 10' x 6" puddings for Martha's Vineyard Shipyard

38 These two beauties, 8" x 6', went to Port Mandouran, Australia.
Brian put his on "Lady Anne". The other is for a friend's boat.

39 A well seasoned pudding on one of the work skiffs at Martha's Vineyard Shipyard

40 A thick collision mat, also on a work skiff at Martha's Vineyard Shipyard

41 Ready to ship! A beautiful manila pudding with a Turks Head knot
and five standard 5" x 16" side fenders

42 Two views of Bullfrog

43 Coyote under way.

44 Hercules

45 Jack's boat

46 Lady Ann

47 Red white and blue tug.

48 Two views of Y Not.


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