Fender Features


Tug Hobo out for a cruise in Wickford Harbor. Built in 1953 by Caddell, Stanton Island, NY - Christened Jay BEE 4. In 1956 she was re-named Tapanzee, and went to work on a bridge with the same name.......She came to Wickford when her present owner saw her advertised for sale in the yellow commercial publication


Her wheelhouse.


Her engine is original - 671 Diesel by GM.

Waterford Tugboat Round-Up
September 2021
Fantastic working watercraft on display
Food - Music - Fireworks

Fun was has by all!

IMG_7503 em
IMG_7683 Ben & Linda em
IMG_7574 Puppy em

"Green Turtle" cruises active year round.


At one of their favorite stops their bow takes some abuse.

Her owner Mark reached out to me for a custom sized tri-sided fender.


Looks a little odd, but protects the bow perfectly!

Tugnatious Plywood Hull Smaller

A Berkley 10 served as a perfect COVID project.

TugNacious Close Up Banner with Name

She was christened "Tugnacious" and currently cruises lake Peneda.